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Maria De la Hoz

Chiropractic, Neuromuscular & Spa

I am a graduate of the Southeastern Institute as a Massage Therapist and a member of the AMTA massage association.  I have Spa experience and have worked in the Chiropractic field, specializing in rehabilitation therapy.  I also was an instructor and clinic coordinator for the Southeastern Institute Of Massage Therapy.

Before becoming a massage therapist I worked in the corporate world helping customers solve telecommunication issues.  At this point I knew I wasn’t completely happy or content and I wasn’t fulfilling my life purpose.  I was helping people in a somewhat superficial way and it wasn’t enough.  I needed to be able to touch each individual not only physically but on a deeper level–energetically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I have always had a connection with energy, both spiritually and emotionally, and wanted to take it a step farther.  I started learning different healing methods and had the opportunity to study with The Modern Mystery School and be initiated to receive different trainings.  Through Life Activation, Sacred Geometry, Kabbalah, Max Meditation and various other practices  I learned how the body holds on to different emotions, situations, and memories during various energy healing sessions.  I noticed how the emotions were related to physical pain and this inspired me to go even farther into my studies to learn how to help on a more complex level.  This is how massage came into my life!

I had the wonderful opportunity to learn at a school with neuromuscular massage techniques, where the focus was on the  muscles with a detailed evaluation of each muscle.  Massage became my passion and knowing I am able to participate and serve as a guide to empowering the mind, body and spirit through natural healing is a dream come true!

I am looking forward to meeting you!


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